At Dowtree Kennel we raise our puppies with a focus on socialization, good health care and proper nutrition. We take our time to place our dogs in the best possible FOREVER homes by getting to know our clients before we sell our puppies. For the first 8 weeks our puppies are well socialized and we are able to identify the different personality traits of the puppies. In doing so we try to match the puppies with the most suitable homes. 

To promote responsible breeding, all of our puppies are sold on a Limited Registration basis. Limited Registration means that they are ineligible to enter conformation shows or produce registered offspring. They are eligible to enter other CKC events such as hunt tests, agility, obedience and field trials. 

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Dowtree Kennel is located in Caledon, just 30mins north of Toronto, ON. We at Dowtree have been dog enthusiasts for over 20 years. Rottweilers and English Cocker Spaniels have always played a large role in our family.  Rotties and English Cockers helped shape the people we have become today,  as they were our first pets growing up. We breed dogs as family pets and companions. We focus on temperament, good conformation & good health in our breeding. This stems from a careful selection of proven Champion bloodlines and the proper health screenings as per the breed recommendations. 

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Caledon, ON, CANADA